5 BOMB Thrift Shopping Tips

I remember walking into a thrift store for the first time not knowing what to expect. My best friend talked them up to be a gold mine for cool clothes that were very gently used and sometimes even new with tags, but being my ignorant, close-minded self at the time, I was still under the impression that thrift stores were only full of musty clothes and junk. And in a way, I almost felt bad shopping there because I wasn’t in a financial place to need the promised low prices. But I soon found out that there’s nothing wrong with shopping there, no matter your status & my friend was right in saying that they’re a gold mine for cool clothes, you just have to be willing to dig. And that’s the part I learned to love so much- digging through shelf after shelf and finding an article of clothing or home decor piece that’s perfect for me!

I recently uploaded a thrift haul video to my YouTube channel, so be sure to check it out as well as like the video and subscribe to my channel please! In the video you will find the handful awesome thrift store treasures I found and more!! Click the picture below to be redirected to it. There will be more like it coming soon 🙂


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I didn’t talk about how I shop in the video which is why I’m making this post! Walking into a thrift store and seeing aisles upon aisles of seemingly random clothing can be a bit overwhelming at first, so here’s how I choose where to start & what to look at:


tips for thrift shopping

ONE. I prioritize the sections I look at by what I walked into the shop for. So for example, I’ll look at shirts first, then pants, then dresses because I almost always need more shirts, I sometimes need new jeans, and it’s dead winter right now, so I only want dresses. I hope that makes sense. The reason I look through what I need first is because I’ll get sooo distracted looking through other stuff that I might forget to walk out with what I was originally looking for!

TWO. I know that I only buy neutral color for the most part, which makes digging through all of the clothes a lot easier for me! I know to skip right over any bright greens, pinks, blues, etc because there’s a 99% chance that I won’t like it.

THREE. I live for anything with lace and floral, so if I see a neutral article of clothing with either of those elements, I don’t hesitate to pick it up and look it over. Similarly, I will never wear anything with chevron or argyle, so I don’t waste my time looking over anything with those patterns.

FOUR. Once I’ve actually found what I was looking for, I browse the other size sections and Men’s clothing briefly just in case I find a misplaced gem. Sometimes I’m surprised by how a beautiful shirt can be in a completely wrong section!

FIVE. Only once I know I’m absolutely done looking at clothes do I browse the bags and shoes. This is just a personal preference of mine because I don’t typically buy from either of those sections, so I know that once I’m browsing the shoes or bags that it’s time to start wrapping things up and either head to the dressing room if I’m trying things on or make my way to the register.
That’s how I shop as far as clothes go! I know I easily get distracted and sidetracked, so using those 5 tips help keep me focused and they reduce the time I waste getting distratced. Let me know how you prefer to shop at thrift stores in the comment section! 

P.S. I started a new board on my Pinterest where I’ll be listing some of the items on Ebay for cheap. Be sure to check it out! 


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