5 Ways to check resale value of clothes BEFORE thrift shopping!

Today I’m writing about the 5 useful resources I use to research how much I can resell thrifted clothes for online through Ebay, Poshmark, or other selling platforms. Known as checking comps in the reseller world, it’s actually a really simple process and it beats asking a stranger from Instagram or Facebook to answer your question about pricing! Checking comps on clothes may seem daunting at first since, but it really all comes down to basic research skills and educating yourself before you go sourcing.


How To check the resale value of thrifted clothes to resell online through ebay for profit


I know that looking up every single item I pick up in a thrift store isn’t an efficient way to spend the very few precious hours I get a week to go sourcing, but at the same time it’s necessary to know whether or not I’ll be able to make money off of my purchase! And going with my gut isn’t always a great decision either because “my gut” somehow always ends up picking out anything that’s neutral colored and/or lace. Hmm…So how do resellers now how much they can really sell thrifted clothes for?


1. Use Youtube!

Something that I did before I decided to even step foot in a thrift store with the intent to thrift shop for profit is watch hours upon hours of videos on Youtube about reselling on Ebay for profit. I started watching full time resellers on Youtube months before I went thrift shopping since it’s a free way to educate yourself before you invest any money into reselling.

I’m old fashioned and like to take notes with pen & paper, so Every. Single. Time. a brand was mentioned in a positive light, I wrote it down. The reason I wrote down countless brands by hand is because I need to remember them so that when I’m shopping and I happen to stumble upon a mentioned brand, my brain clicks and I know to take a closer look.

Even though the brand doesn’t always play a huge role in how certain clothes sell, it is helpful to know what brands generally sells for most people and what brands sit around for weeks or months. Another reason it’s so important that I write down these brands is because I would totally pass over some brands that have significant resell value for the simple fact that I haven’t heard of them plus if I write down specific brands that have a historically low resale value, then I save myself a lot of time looking it up on my phone just to be disappointed.

A good example of that is the brand Patagonia and Coogi- I had never heard of them before and to my untrained eye, their clothes wouldn’t have gotten a second glance if I was just quickly sifting through rows of jackets. But now I know to take a second look at them because of educating myself through Youtube!


2. Use other Social Media Platforms as well!

It’s important to use other Social Media resources to your advantage as well! I check Instagram throughout the day to take note of what people are selling. It’s super easy to find tons of resellers on Instagram if you search through these 100 hashtags. And, if you follow the right crowd, then you’ll quickly find that the reselling community on Instagram is helpful & friendly and willing to give tips. Plus, most people post daily screenshots of what they sold that day/week, which helps you see what’s selling!


3. Go to Facebook!

Facebook is another platform I use to educate myself about comps on clothes. There’s tons of reselling groups out there, geared towards Ebay sellers, or Poshmark/Amazon FBA sellers. Being part of a Facebook group can be great because you’ll get to interact with a community of people who are trying to make money the same way you are! Just like on Instagram, people post screenshots of what they’ve recently sold. Plus, people post all the time about “BOLO” which means “be on the lookout” for an item that has hot comps! Taking note of BOLO items is another way to check comps on clothes before thrift shopping! 


4. Look Local!

Joining local Facebook Yard Sale Groups in another way I search comps before thrifting. Since  a lot of the groups I’m in are local, I get to see what type of clothes people in my area are selling, and what people are paying for it. For example, I know that in my local facebook groups, Kate Spade will get snatched up a lot sooner than Lily Pulitzer will, which isn’t always the case on Ebay or Poshmark! Plus, if I see hot items frequently on local Facebook Groups, then I know to keep an eye out for them when thrift shopping.


5. Know what people are shopping for!

Along with checking comps through all of those resources, knowing what’s in season and in style will help you ballpark comps a lot more reliably than asking a stranger through social media will. Although brands can play a huge role in how a piece sells, it doesn’t always factor into what sells. For example, summer is coming up & you know what that means? Floral. Lace. High waisted shorts. People are going to start buying clothes with those trends for the upcoming season, so if you happen to stumble upon a stunning (or cute!) floral top with no flaws, but it’s a brand you’ve never heard of, you still know to snatch it up because it’s a trending article of clothing.


I hope this post helped you think of some more ways to check comps before venturing out to thrift stores! I know it can seem tedious or almost boring to do tons of research before shopping, but believe me, it will save you SO much time and money! What other ways do you guys like to check comps on clothes? Let me know in the comments below, or tell me on any of my social media pages!

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