Free Ebay Reseller Profits+Fees Spreadsheet!

As resellers, we can all agree that tracking our Ebay income can be a bit tedious, between Final Value Fees, Paypal transaction fees, cost of the item itself, shipping, and anything else that comes in the way of making money off of an item. AHHH! How are we supposed to track all of that and NOT have our head explode?!

Free ebay profits+fees spreadsheets for ebay resellers.

Well, I finally sat myself down one evening and said “Look, I know numbers aren’t really your thing, but you gotta get over that and deal with them anyways”. Sigh. So I finally created a comprehensive Google Sheet that shows me exactly how much I’m profiting from each individual item*!

*Note- this chart is only relevant to resellers on Ebay who don’t have a store and aren’t a top rated seller. Fees may vary otherwise. 

SO I’ll show you guys the sheet, how it works, and how you can get your own exact copy for free today!

Free chart to track Ebay income + fees


First off, this sheet’s default is to have the Paypal fee at 2.9% + 0.30 cents, making the final profit -0.3 cents. Just ignore that for now, and if you end up not filling in all 30 coloms, don’t worry, just delete out the unused rows at the end of each month.


If we start at the very top of the chart- you’ll notice that I put in 9 different colomns. Date, INV#, Cost of Item, etc, BUT you only have to fill out these colomns:

DATE OF SALE– I fill this in according to when the buyer PAID for their item.

INV#– Ebay provides each item a number, but I just # mine starting at 1 so that I can see how many items I’ve sold that month.

DESC– I use this to briefly describe the item I sold.

COST OF ITEM– I put here how much I paid for the item.

TOTAL SOLD FOR– I put here how much the total sale was- INCLUDING shipping!

SHIPPING– I fill out shipping costs here.

After you’ve filled those few things out, this sheet will calculate the rest for you! Ebay charges 10% if you’re not a top rater seller and don’t have a store, and Paypal charges 2.9% + 0.30 cents per transaction as well. Since I’ve already filled in the formulas on this chart, you don’t have to worry about calculating that yourself.

On the bottom right of this sheet, you’ll notice that there’s a bright green square next to MONTH PROFIT. That square calculates the final profit for that month!

Yipee, easy, right?! 


You can get your own FREE copy of this sheet today by just subscribing to my site in the little form to the right of this post & you’ll instantly get an email from me with everything you need!


I hope this post was helpful & that you enjoy your new spreadsheet!


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