How I got a $995 GUCCI purse for FREE without getting caught

I didn’t grow up a brand whore, but I know a Gucci bag when I see one. Just kidding, I actually don’t. What gave it away, though, was the $995 marked down to $499.99 price tag. My sister grabbed it and admired it for a moment before booking it out of there, ink tag still attached.

dumpster diving

No, she didn’t steal it. According to California vs Greenwood (1988), “when a person throws something out, that item is now the public domain”. Yeah, we found a Gucci bag in the trash during our very first Dumpster Diving adventure. Funny enough, the particular bag we found is called the Gucci Hobo Bag! It has a slash through it and the ink tag was still attached, but it makes for an interesting story nonetheless.

I honestly wasn’t expecting to find much my very first time Dumpster Diving. I spent a handful of days before last night binge watching YouTube videos of seasoned Dumpster Divers such as Shelbizleee, Jessicasler, and Paul Allen. They go Dumpster Diving almost every night and have posted some pretty impressive hauls. From brand new make-up to a perfectly good inflatable air mattress, I was surprised what ends up in a Dumpster!

Before going out on my first Dumpster Diving Adventure, I made sure to do 3 things:

First, I wore clothes that I didn’t care about. Dumpster Juice is a real thing *gag*. And it smells bad. So yeah, don’t wear nice things.

Second, I picked up flashlights and gloves. Some people are brave and dig through the trash without gloves, but that’s not my thing. Also, some Dumpsters are lighted and others aren’t, so having a flashlight helped out tons.

Third, I went at night. And while it’s perfectly legal to dig through trash that’s on public property, I personally don’t want to explain to strangers what I’m doing. (but telling everyone on the internet is okay!)


Also, it should be stressed that if you do try out Dumpster Diving, don’t make a mess! Clean up after yourself, you’re not a raccoon! If you regularly leave a mess, stores will take measures such as locking the Dumpster to make sure that you can’t continue Dumpster Diving at their place. Plus, only jerks leave a mess. Don’t be a jerk.


I spent a total of about an hour and a half looking through 10 different Dumpsters. We hit up a party store, make-up store, pet store, craft store, and department store! Here’s what we found:


2 bags of dog food

1 Gucci Purse

About 30 single brand new shoes (no pairs)

5 pairs of brand new kids underwear

5 pairs of kids pants

3 baby blankets

6 baby bottles

About 50 things of ribbon ink

4 laser jet ink printers toners

1 giant chic-fil-a catering bag

An iron man mask


dumpster diving haul


There was a giant bag of Christmas decoration I picked up, but they cut all the garland up and none of the lights worked, so that went back into the trash.


As you can see, I picked up a pretty random assortment of stuff. None of it was used or in bad condition, in fact, most of it is in PERFECT condition! But why did I spend time to dig through trash and bring home this junk?  I’m not going to say the cliche, but I will say that I got all of that stuff for free, didn’t even use 1/8th of a tank of gas to get it, and I’m going to make a few bucks off of this stuff by selling it on Ebay. And if it doesn’t sell, it can be donated because all of this stuff is brand freaking new!! This could very well turn into a lucrative hobby that I enjoy doing. I wouldn’t necessarily say Dumpster Diving is fun, but the chance of a making a few bucks off of it is rewarding.  As soon as this stuff sells, I will write another post about how much $$ I made off of literal GARBAGE!


If you want to see a video of this entire Dumpster Diving haul, SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube because a video will be up on  02/19/2017. Sorry for the wait, but at this point I only have enough content to upload once a week.


And on an ending note, I just want to say that if any of the stuff I picked up while Dumpster Diving was used, stained/dirty, or otherwise in poor condition, I would either donate it or just throw it back out it instead of listing it on Ebay. As it is, there are a few things that I could sell for a few bucks that will be donated instead because of good Karma or whatever. 




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