From Goodwill to Ebay: Thrift Shopping For Profit

I shouldn’t be surprised that I fell into this whole reselling niche again. It all started a few years back when I bought a $400 horseback riding helmet for less than $100, realized it didn’t fit my head, and then resold it for $150. I was shook that I made about fifty bucks from pretty much doing nothing!

Like most people who pick up a side hobby for fun, I faded out of it pretty quickly and didn’t give it second thoughts. But then I found a Riding Sport (which is an equestrian apparel brand) vest in a thrift shop for $4.99 and knew that I could make a few bucks off of it, so I bought it and listed it on Ebay. I made approximately $15 off of it. Yay! I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start taking this little hobby of mine seriously and see how far I can take it.

So here’s how my first week of thrift shopping for profit and reselling on Ebay went & what I learned.


thrift shopping for profit

I made $70.25 my first week on Ebay. But after purchase price, Ebay fees, Paypal fees, & shipping, I made about $40. Which isn’t anything crazy, but it is a couple tanks of gas or a dinner out. Or savings for my nonexistent college fund :):

If I’m being honest, I’m beyond happy with that number because I put minimal effort into selling my items. I know my pictures were not the best, my item descriptions were not descriptive at all, I didn’t SEO my listings, and I didn’t list at optimized times. Like I said, I put no effort into selling my junk. I just let the internet do it’s job & hoped for the best!

One thing that surprised me the most was a Maxi Dress that I put to auction. The starting bid was $12 and it had 130+ views and 6 watchers by the last day of the auction. I was pumped. I was certain that I’d get a bidding war & that it would sell for at least twenty bucks! But as the last half hour of the auction rolls around, it gets one bid for $12 and that’s it. No bidding war. No nothing. I shouldn’t have given myself the expectation that anything else would happen, but I was disappointed. But I also couldn’t complain because I still made a few bucks off of the dress.

I sold a few more things and before I knew it, I had 6 packages all taped up and ready to ship out! A major mistake that I made was purchasing the shipping labels before I was ready to print them. I just got a brand new printer (thank you Jess & Derek!!) but I didn’t have it set up yet. By time I got the printer working, it had been more than 24 hours since I bought the shipping labels. It turns out that you can’t print them after 24 hours of purchase. So I had to void all of the labels and repurchase them. Which wouldn’t be that bad, except USPS is holding my return money for the next 15 days. Ugh.

So that’s about all I have to say about my first couple weeks as a reseller. Nothing too spectacular, but it’s been a fun learning experience!

Be sure to check out my recent GoodWill to Ebay video on Youtube!
And of course, Happy Thursday!


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