How I turned 50 cents into 10 dollars OVERNIGHT

The very first thing I recall buying from a yard sale was an encyclopedia ALL about horses. The spine was in rough condition, but the book was as thick and heavy as a cinderblock, and I wanted it. The hosts of the yard sale informed me that they only wanted .10 cents for the book, but all I had was a dollar, and they didn’t have change for me. So I biked furiously back home, found a couple of nickels, and biked as fast as I could back to that yard sale, because I was convinced someone would snatch up that encylopedia before I had the chance. After all, who would be crazy enough to pass up on a book about PONIES for ten cents?! Much to my relief, the book was still there and they still only wanted ten cents for it. I recall them telling me with a chuckle that “every cent matters” as they took my nickels and placed them in a mason jar full of other nickels and pennies and quarters.

I had that book for a long time and looked through all of the pretty pictures countless times, read every paragraph over and over, and every time I saw it, I was reminded how pennies can mean the world; I’m not sure what they used my ten cents for, but I know that I got my money back in every possible way through enjoying that book for so many years!


I recently bought a belt for .50 cents at a “rummage sale” hosted by a church who was donating all proceeds to a social justice group. It was synthetic leather and  brand new with a $35 price tag, and I could buy it for a mere .50 cents, so I grabbed it.


HOW I TURNED 50 CENTS into 10 dollars

I’ve never sold a belt before, so I had no idea if it was even worth anything, how to photograph it, or if I should invest my time and money into such an object. But for such a low risk investment, I decided to go for it!

I photographed the belt, found the exact same one being sold on Ebay for about $10-20 and listed mine at $16.99+shipping. Within a day, I was offered $8 for the belt, so I counteroffered $11, and we settled at the price of $10 (plus shipping, of course).

Profit: approx. $9.50

And though I profited money on this item instead of education like the encyclopedia I mentioned before did, I still have to smile as I ship it away to it’s new home because after all, “every cent matters” 🙂

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