Understanding & Using Facebook Yard Sale Groups

Facebook Yard Sale Groups have become a pretty huge obsession of mine, but they were a little bit confusing at first. So many comments consisted of abbreviated words and phrases that I didn’t understand. I didn’t want to be “that person” and comment on every post asking what every single abbreviation was for when I wasn’t even interested in what they were selling, so I sat back and observed for a while.

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Speaking the Facebook Language

I personally don’t care for using “facebook” language because it takes me two seconds longer to type out the actual word, but that doesn’t stop others from using it. Here’s some of the most common abbreviations used on Facebook Yard Sale Groups:

ISO– In Search Of.

Example: People will post “ISO size 9 women’s heels”, which means they’re searching for said heels.

PM/Pmd u– Personal Message.

Example: “I sent you a PM” or “Pmd u” means that you should have a message in your messenger from the other party.

INT– Interested.

Example: If someone comments “int” that usually means they’re serious about buying the product they commented on.

SA?– Still available?

Example: If someone comments “sa?” that mean’s they’re wondering if the product is still available, and if so they are interested in it.

BU– Back Up.

Example: If the product has already been claimed and someone else is seriously interested in buying it, they will comment “bu” in case something falls through with the original sale.

PPU– Porch Pick Up. ALSO Pending Pick Up.

Example: You set a date/time to pick up the items that you purchased. The seller will package up the item, leave it on their porch for you, and then you take it and leave money under their doormat.

Example: If someone comments “PPU” on their own post, that means someone has scheduled a date/time to pick up their item.


Other than leanring the Facebook Yard Sale Group language, actually setting up a time and place to pick up can seem a bit tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a recent Facebook Yard Sale purchase that was quick, easy, and cheap!

facebook yard sale

I messaged the buyer within 15 minutes of her posting a few LuLaRoe items for $15 each, asking for a bulk discount at $10 a piece. She counter offered at $40 for all, or just over $13 a piece. Fine. Still a great deal on my end! I let her know what time I can pick them up, then let her know I was running a bit late. She sent me the thumbs up at 8:40 letting me know that she found the money I left for her on her porch. The only thing I would change about this specific porch pick up is messaging her that everything went smoothly. And I also didn’t check out the clothes before I got home, which I should have done. Thankfully they were as described! I was in a rush to get home and forget to send a thank you message.

But this is ideally how all sales should be going on Facebook Yard Sale Pages: quick, easy, and cheap! I didn’t try to haggle down on the price because I knew that there’s plenty of people who would have snatched them up for full asking price the second they saw the post since LuLaRoe is heavily seeked after brand.


Take action! People want to get rid of their junk.

Generally speaking, people who are selling their stuff on Facebook Yard Sale Groups are simply looking to get rid of junk that’s piling up around the house, so don’t be afraid to make low ball offers, but be sure to keep them reasonable/respectful. Occasionally people are even willing to work out trades, so don’t be afraid to ask about that as an option as well!

Keeping that in mind, people like it when you take action in the process of them getting rid of their junk. What does that mean? That means you message the seller telling them how much you’re going to pay and when you can pick it up (or that you can conform to their pickup schedule). Waiting for the seller to contact you will not only make you seem like a lazy buyer, but you could potentially lose the purchase to someone else who beat you to contacting the seller.

I also comment on the seller’s Facebook post stating that I Pm’d them and that I can pick up today in hopes to discourage other buyers from contacting the seller as well. I can’t confirm that this tactic actually works, but it doesn’t hurt 😉


What to expect when picking up items purchased off of Facebook Yard Sale Groups

From experience, most people prefer to do a PPU (porch pick up). As stated before, that means the seller bags up the item you purchased and leaves it on their porch, front door steps, etc. You as the buyer roll up, have exact cash, take the item, and leave the cash under their doormat. Easy peasy.

I’ve also experienced meeting someone in the main area of their apartment complex instead of at an exact address.

Most recently, I went to an address and didn’t see the shoes I just bought on the porch, so I messaged the seller telling her that I was at the address. Crickets. So I rang the doorbell and then she came to the door and we exchanged our goods there.

The one thing that all of these experiences have in common is that even when it was a face to face interaction, it lasted for no more than about thirty seconds because I already asked all of my questions before making a purchase!


Other common courtesy acts when buying through Facebook Yard Sale Groups

-Pay in exact cash, don’t expect seller to have change.

-If you plan on paying with a check, paypal, etc discuss that before sealing the deal

-Don’t negotiate price upon pickup of the item

-Arrive on time, or let the seller know you’re running late/early

-Thank the seller for their time!



Tell me about your Facebook Yard Sale experience in the comment section below!


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